Squid, Grendel, Writer’s Block


Accomplished Today (So Far): One page via electric typewriter; one page via manual typewriter; one set of interview questions; one podcast recorded. I wrote about a magical city filled with strange, intelligent animals and a mad scientist who invented a device to converse with giant squid.

Mood: Determined. My Hermes Rocket manual typewriter is fixed and ready to serve. I’ve got a set of magazine deadlines and numerous other projects to attack. It’s good to have goals.

Reading Assignment: Beowulf: A New Verse Translation (Bilingual Edition) by Seamus Heaney. Not to be confused with the terrible CGI movie, or the terrible live-action film, or the other terrible made-by-the-Asylum knock-off live-action film, or the wicked awesome live-action science fiction reinterpretation starring Christopher Lambert and a chainsaw sword.

Writing Relevant Article: What Writer’s Block and Stage Fright Have in Common, by Mark McGuinness. I’d argue they’re basically identical phenomena. Every day I have to psyche myself up, because I’m terrified that what I write will be terrible. Once I start writing, though, the momentum of the action carries me through. (The writing is still terrible, though.)

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