Getting My Life in Order



I haven’t done much in the way of writing today. Instead, I spent some time cleaning up my workspace, pictured above.

This is the desk in my bedroom, newly rearranged for optimum writing / reading efficiency. On the left is my Royal Safari with the bent carriage return that causes it to skip spaces intermittently; in the middle is my brand new Brother ML-100 Electric; on the right is the Hermes Rocket my aunt Mary sent me.

Not pictured are the two bookshelves that flank the desk, overflowing with anime DVDs, Japanese monster movies, role-playing game supplements, and books of all sorts. Also not pictured are the stacks of ring binders, composition books, legal pads, and loose leaf papers on which I inflict the majority of my penmanship.

Also, also not pictured are the mountains of books, DVDs, and papers thrown all over my bed to make room for this nice, efficient workspace.

My organizational method could best be described as ‘chaos’.

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