Soylent Green is People!


Accomplished Today (So Far): One page via electric typewriter; one page via manual. I wrote more about the magical complaint department, and started another short humorous tale involving the incompetent Inquisitor, Witchfinder Malthus. I like writing about him, but he’s a bit of a one-note joke.

Thoughts: I’ve been reading spoilers related to a recent, A-list video game release, and it got me thinking about the Unreliable Narrator. I don’t know if this device has been used successfully in video games since the original Bioshock. When the developers initially present the world in which the audience controls an avatar, because of the immersive nature of modern gameplay, the audience will likely enter a state of heightened skepticism at the first whiff of an unreliable narrator. Thus the audience holds back, disengaged, waiting in anticipation for The Big Twist that they know is coming. And if the developers don’t provide any foreshadowing at all, they’ll be guilty of lying to their audience. It’s a no-win scenario.

Writing Relevant Article: “Wait, that’s not what happened”: A discussion on games and the unreliable narrator, by Eric Schwarz.

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