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Gray Jello


No writing so far today; I had a late evening podcast scheduled, and podcasting requires a surprising amount of mental energy. Recording and editing are labor intensive, even more so when they come at the tail end of a gray and dreary day. I needed time to coagulate, anyway. I realized last evening that one […]

Hench Mensch


Accomplished Today (So far):¬†Two pages on the electric typewriter. I wrote about Ygor, a middle-aged henchman, looking for work after his Master is slain by an angry mob. I’m noticing a running theme of unemployment and people being bad at their jobs in my writing. Coincidence? Writing Relevant Article: I’m a self-publishing failure, by John […]

New Interview


Just a quick update today. I spent most of my brain-power fixing the RSS feed entries for The Greatest Movie EVER! Podcast, so have an interview I conducted with Barbra Dillon of Fanboy Comics, regarding my contribution to the upcoming Skin Crawling Comics anthology.

Accomplished Today (So Far): Two pages, manual typewriter. Two pages, electric. Two pages, transcription to PC. I wrote about goblins and gnomes and witch hunters and a fairy who’s having a poor time trying to pass her exams at Fairy University and a gaggle of hungry ghosts. I checked Monster and Craig’s List for jobs […]