Silicon Chickens Project Episode 2: “Scrap Escape”


CLICK HERE to download “Scrap Escape”, the second episode of the Silicon Chickens Project.

“Scrap Escape” is a slightly grotesque piece of horror fiction with a streak of dark humor about a pair of men and the robots that they murder.  Some explicit language is included, so listener discretion is advised.

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4 Responses to “Silicon Chickens Project Episode 2: “Scrap Escape””

  1. 1 Harrison

    “I saw moonlight through him”
    That’s fucked up man. I found this episode a bit more interesting than the last, but both were really solid.

  2. 2 Ian

    I see no comments and though I have not yet had the time to subscribe to this and download it, I definitely will do so very soon. Though as a person does write fake stuff down with perhaps the intention of showing it to others or having it been seen by others I must ask do you want critique of the stories (constructive not internet garbage) or is this just for fun “hey nice job” kind of stuff?

  3. I want honest criticism, positive or negative. The more brutal, the better.

  4. 4 Insomniac1000

    Great story! I really liked the characters you made for both stories and I would like to see there be continuations to both SCFAC and this one. on another note i really like the authors note stuff at the end, because its cool to see where this stuff comes from. Keep writing and podcasting, you are doing some cool and interesting stuff here!

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