Silicon Chickens Project Episode 20: “Ordinary Man”


CLICK HERE to download “Ordinary Man”, episode 20 of the Silicon Chickens Project.

“Ordinary Man” is the story of one woman’s obsession with her next door neighbor, Mr. Pierponte, an ordinary man in every respect except one…
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2 Responses to “Silicon Chickens Project Episode 20: “Ordinary Man””

  1. 1 Ian

    This one sounds intriguing (the best kind of trigue) I have to play catch up on some of your old stories but I’ll definitely listen here soon. Glad you’re keeping up the site and posting new original content it’s no small feat.

  2. 2 Sugar-Chan

    Allow me to comment. Not that you’d stop me, or anything, but I feel the urge. I do hope it makes sense.

    I had a completely immature reaction to the main character’s self exploration. I giggled. It was based entirely on the fact that it was you reading it and nothing more. Going back, I really enjoyed that element, making the love she felt seem that much more real, her need more visceral.

    I had a completely physical reaction to the mother-thing. I gagged. I was eating a cupcake and had to push it aside for fear that the delicious mounds of frosting would turn into globular, half-rotted flesh. You and your damn adjectives, Paul, always making me wanna throw up!

    All in all, I loved it. I’m a sucker for a good romance. I feel this is as close to romance as you shall ever come. Kudos.

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