Accomplished Today (So Far): Three pages on the manual typewriter; two pages longhand, print. I continued my story about the private investigator operating in a modern world that humans share with their sapient dinosaur compatriots, and I started another story involving Harry Hominid, an inept turn-of-the-century adventurer with a Munchhausen-esque habit of exaggerating his exploits. I plan on writing more during the evening, but that Predator 2 Bluray beckons.

Mood: Optimistic. I’ve conquered a mini-crisis, a “long dark teatime of the soul” to steal a phrase from Douglas Adams, and I’m ready to attack my work again. It helps that my father spent the entire day cooking and watching The Tudors on Netflix. Nothing motivates me to get out of the house quite like the desire to avoid an onslaught of lousy television.

Doodle: Here’s a picture of a grumpy goblin.



3 Responses to “Productive!”

  1. This is good to hear. And a story that blends sleuthery with dinosaurs sounds pretty damn cool.

    But I have a question: how do you personally deal with that cycling ‘funk’ period that’s deeper than writer’s block?

    • The short answer is any way that I can. It’s a constant struggle. Every day I have to work myself up to writing, because there’s always the nagging fear that what I’m doing isn’t good enough, that my efforts are inadequate.

      I’ll try to address this subject more in a later post. It’s a topic worth exploring in some detail.

      • I look forward to it. Because I suppose it then becomes a question of legitimacy; even with published works under your name, what’s the threshold you perceieve, where once crossed, you no longer question yourself. It’s interesting

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