Work, work, work.


Accomplished Today (So Far): Three pages on the electric typewriter. Two pages on the manual. Four pages of transcription. I began a new story about a man who finds himself utterly alone and imprisoned in a well-furnished castle. It’s shaping into an allegory for the artistic process, which can be frighteningly lonely at times. I also continued writing In the Land of Hungry Ghosts, which is about a paranormal investigator deals with nuisance hauntings; her very presence drives poltergeists away. Hungry Ghosts is turning into something fun, because Lisandra, the protagonist, is a real no-nonsense character. I also finished transcribing Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, so I’m that much closer to completing my third collection of short stories.

Writing Relevant Article: Why two spaces after a period isn’t wrong, by heraclitus. I found this article through a friend’s Facebook post. I used to use two spaces, because that was what I was taught. Transitioning to using a single space (which is what editors seem to prefer these days) was a painless process once I gave it a try. I don’t miss the old way of doing things.

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