I spent all day ripping video clips and collecting artwork. I’m building panels for Florida Anime Experience 2013. Currently, I’m working on a panel entitled Tears of the Robot: Anime Edition and another called Smoke and Mirrorshades: Cyberpunk in Anime. I’ll need at least two more panels to fulfill my obligations as a guest. This is a paying gig, so I’ve got to concentrate my energies on getting these presentations ready, so I doubt I’ll be getting too much creative writing done in the near future.

3 Responses to “Clipper-Ripper”

  1. Smoke and Mirrorshades… That’s really, I don’t know, provocative. Maybe because Molly and Batou are so great. But I’m wondering if you’re gonna record these panels and release them alongside the podcast? I’m sure you’ve done panels before but still curious

  2. I don’t currently have the capability to do that, Jung-ho. Someone in the audience with a video camera might be able to do so, but I tend to present in a darkened room, so the visuals would be questionable, and without a direct feed from the mixer, the audio quality wouldn’t be very good either.

    • I didn’t even think about the video part of it. That’s cool though — whatever the current fan perception of cyberpunk, it’ll always be cool and it’s sure to come up again here. Or, on the podcast

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