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Title: Night of the Cobra Woman Genre: Horror Subgenre:¬†Erotic Supernatural Thriller Vintage: 1973 Director: Andrew Meyer Netflix’s Lying Description: “A scientist in the Philippines must tear her boyfriend away from the clutches of Lena, a seductive jungle priestess who feasts on snake venom and constant sex to remain young and to prevent herself from turning […]

Title: Evolver Genre: Science Fiction Subgenre: Killer Robot Vintage: 1995 Director:¬†Mark Rosman Netflix’s Lying Description: “In this engrossing sci-fi tale, teen computer genius Kyle Baxter is thrilled when he wins the chance to play a live version of his favorite video game. But Kyle doesn’t realize that he’s pitted against a robot programmed to kill.” […]

Title: Tales from the Hood Genre: Horror Subgenre: Anthology Film Vintage: 1995 Director: Rusty Cundieff Netflix’s Lying Description: “In an experience more frightening than their worst nightmares, three friends tour a funeral home with a creepy mortician (Clarence Williams III) in this Spike Lee-produced horror anthology. Along the way, they hear a story about each […]

In an effort to empty my burgeoning Netflix queue, I’m embarking on a new writing project with the aid of a random number generator and a list of bizarre and terrifying films culled from the bottom of the streaming video barrel. And so without further ado, I present the first entry in my Netflix Adventures: […]