Silicon Chickens Project Episode 6: “Boogieman Among the Apes”


CLICK HERE to download “Boogieman Among the Apes”, episode 6 of the Silicon Chickens Project.

“Boogieman Among the Apes” is a piece of short fiction, half comic and half serious, that examines the role of monsters in a world made for mankind.

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4 Responses to “Silicon Chickens Project Episode 6: “Boogieman Among the Apes””

  1. 1 Gin

    Ahahaha, the family at the dinner table had me laughing. I enjoyed this one a lot.

  2. 2 Ian

    Great satire here about alienation, good and bad what society expects, etc. It’s funny but also oddly relevant. The combination of all 6 stories you’ve posted here show quite a versatility of genere, voice, and tone. You are a talented man Mr. Chapman.

  3. 3 Ashton

    Great writing Paul. Love the satirical humor of the piece but the one chord that continued to reverberate was the author afterword in which you pose the question “If you were born into a world that despises you, is it wrong to despise it back?” This is something I often think about and struggle being a black man in our country and our world. Interesting way to bring thoughtful(maybe even painful) insight to questioning our moral compass not only in our youth but in our adulthood as well.

  4. I’m glad this story was able to move you, Ashton. I didn’t realize when I first began it that it would grow to be a story about racism and alienation, and it validates my efforts to see you appreciate what I was trying to explore.

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