Silicon Chickens Project Episode 7: “Never Trust a Smiling Warlock”


CLICK HERE to download “Never  Trust a Smiling Warlock”, episode 7 of the Silicon Chickens Project.

“Never Trust a Smiling Warlock” is a short piece of comic fiction that explores what happens when you overlay corporate culture on top of an organization of eldritch evil wizardry.

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One Response to “Silicon Chickens Project Episode 7: “Never Trust a Smiling Warlock””

  1. 1 Ian

    This makes the 7th completely different story. I love the description of the monsters and “set pieces” in this one. And the corporate satire is great too. I see what you mean about the afterward and wonder if you haven’t looked into doing some of your stories in comicbook form? That could be cool but lots of work.

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