Silicon Chickens Project Episode 9: “Fugitive from the Banana Hook”


CLICK HERE to download “Fugitive from the Banana Hook”, episode 9 of the Silicon Chickens Project.

“Fugitive from the Banana Hook” is the sequel to “Revolt of the Burger Zombies”, a humorous piece set in a far-flung future full of fast food tyranny and naked bananas.

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3 Responses to “Silicon Chickens Project Episode 9: “Fugitive from the Banana Hook””

  1. Finally got around to listening to this one and giving part 1 a second listen. I am one of those continuity nerds but totally agree with your afterward that each part of a larger work should still ideally work on it’s own. You know each paragraph or scene should too. I enjoyed this quick one and have to wonder if you were channeling Dave Foley when you did the “cute” workers, “cute” voice?

  2. I actually used the Pitch Alteration feature on Audacity to pitch my voice up for the recording of Rebecca, the banana attendant. Originally, I wanted just to try to do all of the voices without any post-production tricks, but after listening to actual professional voice actors talk about this being a common process, I figured it was fair game.

    Attempting to do women’s voices in a way that doesn’t come off as Monty Pythonesque is difficult. Unfortunately, I often write stories with female protagonists because I generally find women more interesting to write about than men. I’ll just have to keep practicing and hope that my skills improve.

  3. Well I was impressed to be sure. I can’t do a “girlish” voice to save my life … oh that’s a story there. Title: The Manly Voice on the Precipce of Death. A little like Futurama robot world/Amazon world. One lone “Dude” needs to pass just long enough to activate the nuke he brought with him, but lost in his crashed star cruiser … or something like that.

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