Silicon Chickens Project Episode 8: “A Companion of Dust Devils”


CLICK HERE to download “A Companion of Dust Devils”, episode 8 of the Silicon Chickens Project.

“A Companion of Dust Devils” is a macabre little fairy-tale depicting a young girl’s encounter with a malevolent spirit of the woods.

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3 Responses to “Silicon Chickens Project Episode 8: “A Companion of Dust Devils””

  1. 1 Sugar-Chan

    Nobody writes fairy tales anymore, they’ve stopped being creative. People often forget that the original purpose of such stories were warnings to keep kids in line, not lessons on how we should all seek the happily ever after.

    That being said, another fantastic story, I absolutely loved it! Although your southern monster voice scared me very much…

  2. Well now, here I thought “Scrap Escape” would be my favorite story, but hold on a moment, folks, I think we have a new winner. This is such lovely storytelling, with ending that was both satisfying and fair, a difficult line to walk.

    Favorite line: “… plastic snap-on sandals perfect for snapping off.” This is an absolutely perfect characterization of 7-going-on-9 girl.

  3. 3 Ian

    This one took a minute to get going but once it did I was enthralled. The idea of some sinister violent monster being so close to the normal world is quite potent. As you point out in your afterward this is true to life. I couldn’t agree more that kids need to hear stories like this and feel that the decline of good action cartoons for kids is also a problem in terms of helping to teach kids about how to deal with life. At least thematically.

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