Silicon Chickens Project Episode 13: “Down and Out in the Goblin Universe”


CLICK HERE to download “Down and Out in the Goblin Universe”, episode 13 of the Silicon Chickens Project.

“Down and Out in the Goblin Universe” is a short piece of humorous fantasy that explores what happens when a civilized goblin petitions the King for a redress of grievances.

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One Response to “Silicon Chickens Project Episode 13: “Down and Out in the Goblin Universe””

  1. 1 Sugar-Chan

    I would really like to leave a fairly intelligent and well written comment on this, but that ain’t gonna happen for this story.

    I thought it was hilarious. I love the mix of the fantastic and the mundane. I snorted out loud at the angry letters mailed in week dead cats. You tend to describe things in such a way that always makes me laugh. Much like the “yellow captive” in the ‘Fugitive from the Banana Hook’ story.

    I’m really gonna get off your jock at some point, hun, I promise, but I really, really liked this one, and I’ll probably listen to it again before the day is out. Just so’s ya know.

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