Silicon Chickens Project Episode 18: “Water-Baby”


CLICK HERE to download “Water-Baby”, episode 18 of the Silicon Chickens Project.

“Water-Baby” is a grim, horror-fantasy about a homeless man trying to reunite the ghost of a stillborn infant with its parents.  Because of the dark subject matter, listener discretion is advised.

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5 Responses to “Silicon Chickens Project Episode 18: “Water-Baby””

  1. 1 Robert

    Haven’t been able to download from iTunes two days, still produces an error on every attempt.

    • iTunes is a janky and busted program that I never use if I can avoid it, and I have no control over whether it decides to work or not. I sometimes get complaints about people not being able to get something through iTunes when other people have managed to download it just fine, and this seems to be the case here judging from the download statistics. Still, when I tested the feed and the direct download, I was getting an empty file, so I deleted the original upload and re-uploaded it. Testing it from the feed and the direct link worked fine after that, albeit the download was a little slow. It’s possible that Libsyn’s servers are getting hammered, or are undergoing maintenance.

      Please try again, Robert, either through iTunes or from the blog post. It should work this time. If that fails, I can try sending it to you directly, if you like.

  2. 3 Robert

    I was able to DL today. Aye, that is what I hear about iTunes concerning uploads. Much appreciated as iTunes is very convenient, albeit busted.

    P.S. Just saw John Carpenter’s The Prince of Darkness after listening to T.G.M.E.! podcast and I must say that it was awesome and can see why people in ’87 didn’t like it. Thoroughly disturbing in a cerebral manner and the effect at the end of film with the girl being pulled down into the mirror universe with the flashing light after Loomis broke the mirror with the axe was haunting.

  3. 4 Sugar-Chan

    When I read the disclaimer and the description of the story, I thought that this might have been a dirty trick to force uncomfortable feelings on the reader/listener, as you are wont to do, and possibly address some issue. The first few lines of the story nearly confirmed that. I had to sit back and withold judgement until the end.

    There were no tricks here. Just a lot of care taken with the words used. I was uncomfortable, but not because of the whole ‘dead baby’ thing. I understood the perspective from which the story was written. We’ve been there. We live there. We’re all afraid to admit it, because it makes us uncomfortable. We all feel horrible that we don’t get up and do something about it, whatever ‘it’ the problem may be, because the sheer magnitude of the problem is enough to make you feel like the most pointless person who ever existed. And as opposed to simply sitting with these feelings, you wrote them. And it was magnificent.

    Forgive me if the above statement just kind of restated what your afterword was, I don’t mean to be redundant. Simply stated, you inspire me.

  4. 5 Ashton

    Very heralding tale here Paul. I work for a non-profit residence that contains all sort of character from substance abuse, ex-cons, and mental instability. I not only have stories for days but a somewhat deeper understanding of the thought processes of those with mental illness. My co-workers and I have many times done what this story attempts to do in creating a world in our minds that allows us who work with them everyday by (possibly) being on there level. It is not a futile exercise in some respects because again you are correct in that there is no true solution to their outburst but I think in working to understand, they tend to understand you and eventually are not so outlandish when it comes to you. Those that have threatened or harmed me or the building have after years come to respect and somewhat love me. Keep up the good work Paul and keep the donate button up,lol Many blessings on you and your writing.

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