Humming along with the Lindworms.


lindwurmHow’d you like to get off your longboat and be staring down the barrel of one of these bad boys?

I’m not much writing much at the moment. I’m still gathering materials for the panels I’m presenting at the upcoming Florida Anime Experience. Tears of the Robot is almost ready and Smoke & Mirrorshades is progressing. I’ve also begun gathering materials for a “fantasy in anime” panel as well, but I still need to come up with a snappy title for it.

Currently this panel work absorbs the bulk of my creative energies, but today I tinkered with some ideas for the Pathfinder RPG campaign I’m designing which is inspired by Norse mythology, tentatively titled “To Wake the Linnorms”. Linnorms, or lindworms, are a type of dragon found in the folktales of Norway and Sweden. I figure they’re prime material for a Final Boss encounter. Plus by working on this project I can correct the misconceptions that I’ve assimilated from pop culture depictions of Vikings. For example, the horned helmets? Hollywood fantasy. Historical Vikings wore something that looked like this:


2 Responses to “Humming along with the Lindworms.”

  1. 1 Rob Hill

    Reading your description of the Linnorms/Lindworms led me to Google “wurm”, which I had always correlated with Norse/Germanic mythology, and more serpentine varieties of dragons. It turns out I was maybe a third right, as wurm *is* Germanic in origin.
    For the Campaign, I say end with a hydra. If Clash of the Titans gets a Kraken, you can have a hydra.
    More in the line of correcting bungled history, I always liked the (questionable) story of how Greenland got its name.

  2. The hydra is distinctly Greek, though.

    The original plan was to have Nidhoggr, the Corpse-Tearer, the Malice-Striker, as the final boss of the campaign. The PCs would have to rush down the trunk of Yggdrasil to try to prevent this ultimate linnorm from chewing through the last remaining root of the World Tree.

    At the moment, though, it looks like this campaign is going nowhere. I haven’t been able to find any players for Pathfinder yet.

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