Wise fwom your Gwabe!



My panels are finally complete. Yesterday I put the finishing touches on Tears of the Robot: Anime Edition, Smoke & Mirrorshades: Cyberpunk in Anime, and Hobbit-free Fetch Quest: Fantasy in Anime. I’m presenting all three at the Florida Anime Experience in Orlando this weekend. I’m also hosting a fourth event which involves a live-commentary of the animated Fist of the North Star film.

For me creating a good panel presentation is an art. Now that I’ve laid the groundwork, I can conceivably retool, tweak, and upgrade these panels for later use at other conventions. I’m looking forward to WasabiCon in November, where I plan to create two new panels: one about Godzilla and either kaiju films, and another about the Shaw Brothers martial arts films of the 70s and 80s.

Writing has been sporadic recently since I was focusing all of my creative energies on the panel work. Nevertheless, I’ve completed my magazine deadlines and penned another entry for The Vault of Error. Today I began a short story poking fun at the MMORPG trope of pitting low-level players against rats and wolves. I also began formally structuring the Norse-inspired campaign I mentioned in the previous post. All in all, it’s been a fairly productive day.

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