Blergh 2: Electric Blerghaloo


I’ve been working on transcription recently, i.e. the task of getting a stack of typed pages converted into a digital format for future editing. It’s an important albeit somewhat mindless task. I’ve transcribed approximately 33 pages of material so far. I have a tendency to start new stories, shape them until I understand where they are going, then lay them aside and completely forget about them. That’s how I ended up with a stack of 150+ pages of unfinished first drafts.

So far in my transcription I’ve rediscovered stories about: a man whose business is wreaking vengeance in the classical Greek style; a family of misfits with the unfortunate surname of Heaven; a group of goblins going on an epic fantasy quest to get those damn, dirty humans out of their hair once and for all; an aging vampire failing to fit in at these new-fangled vampire raves; a humorous piece of metafiction starring a self-aware protagonist who finds himself stranded in a low-budget Alien knockoff; a brothel staffed by legendary monsters offering all manner of strange sexual services; a ghost story in the style of a hard-boiled detective tale; an amnesiac soldier who finds himself trapped in a luxurious castle prison; another satirical adventure tale starring turn-of-the-century amateur adventurer Harry Hominid; and various odds and ends already mentioned in previous posts.

I guess you could say I’ve been busy.

I’m also in the market for a new set of business cards. I think I’m going to include this image on them:


It’s a killer gnome from my upcoming contribution to Skin Crawling Comics. His name is Ernie.

One Response to “Blergh 2: Electric Blerghaloo”

  1. Those important but mindless tasks can be killer. It’s often hard to rationalize the activity when it’s taking so long, and then it’s hard to do it when you’re busy rationalizing. It sounds like with rediscovery though there’s added benefit to organization. Although sometimes rediscovery of older material can be depressing

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