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Accomplished Today (So Far): Two pages, longhand, print. I took a notebook along and did some writing at the local McDonald’s. I continued at the local movie theater while waiting to see G.I. Joe: Retaliation. I was on a tear. It annoyed me when the house lights faded and I couldn’t keep filling the pages […]

Brain Drain


I accomplished almost nothing today, other than working on a podcast related to a cartoon aimed at six year old girls. My brain is a lump of tapioca. I have the dumb. I derailed my own plans by watching Seven Psychopaths in the middle of the day, the new-ish film by Martin McDonagh, the director […]

Accomplished Today (So Far): One page via electric typewriter; one page via manual. I wrote more about the magical complaint department, and started another short humorous tale involving the incompetent Inquisitor, Witchfinder Malthus. I like writing about him, but he’s a bit of a one-note joke. Thoughts: I’ve been reading spoilers related to a recent, […]

Accomplished Today (So Far): One page on the electric typewriter; one page on the manual. I wrote about a paranormal detective and the complaint department of a magical bureacracy. I hope to get some transcription done as well, although a lot of that depends on whether I decide to watch Predator 2 tonight or not. I […]

I haven’t done much in the way of writing today. Instead, I spent some time cleaning up my workspace, pictured above. This is the desk in my bedroom, newly rearranged for optimum writing / reading efficiency. On the left is my Royal Safari with the bent carriage return that causes it to skip spaces intermittently; in the middle is […]

Mood: Nervous. I’ve a deadline looming on Monday and I still haven’t made the time to watch the film I need to review. I’ll knock it out tomorrow, I hope. I was planning to work on it today, but I fell down a Facebook hole and had a dental apppointment in the late afternoon, and […]

Comma Drama


Accomplished Today (So far): One 650 word anime review article for publication in Otaku USA magazine, submitted prior to deadline. I prefer to get my work turned in early, when I can. I also spent a good chunk of time editing podcasts. Writing Relevant Article: The Best Shots Fired in the Oxford Comma Wars, by Arika […]

Accomplished Today (So Far): One page via electric typewriter; one page via manual typewriter; one set of interview questions; one podcast recorded. I wrote about a magical city filled with strange, intelligent animals and a mad scientist who invented a device to converse with giant squid. Mood: Determined. My Hermes Rocket manual typewriter is fixed […]

Typewriter Wars


I love working on a typewriter. This passion began as an experiment, an excuse to visit the public library and use their communal equipment. Now I own a Brother ML-100 electric typewriter, a Royal Safari manual typewriter that I purchased for $15 off of eBay, and a Hermes Rocket manual typewriter that my aunt Mary […]

It’s been an eternity since I last updated this site. I wrestled with what to do with this page, uncertain if I wanted to continue the Silicon Chickens podcast or not. I’ve decided to release additional episodes, but in the mean time, I’m going to convert this website into my official author’s webpage. The plan is to update daily with journal entries, excerpts, […]