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My experiences at Salty Bay Con last week got me thinking about the conflict resolution systems in roleplaying games. I realized that there’s a problem with games like Pathfinder and the various editions of Dungeons & Dragons that handle combat or skill challenges by rolling a d20, adding modifiers, and comparing the total against a […]

I’ve been working on transcription recently, i.e. the task of getting a stack of typed pages converted into a digital format for future editing. It’s an important albeit somewhat mindless task. I’ve transcribed approximately 33 pages of material so far. I have a tendency to start new stories, shape them until I understand where they are […]

My panels are finally complete. Yesterday I put the finishing touches on Tears of the Robot: Anime Edition, Smoke & Mirrorshades: Cyberpunk in Anime, and Hobbit-free Fetch Quest: Fantasy in Anime. I’m presenting all three at the Florida Anime Experience in Orlando this weekend. I’m also hosting a fourth event which involves a live-commentary of […]

How’d you like to get off your longboat and be staring down the barrel of one of these bad boys?

Brief Update


The ripping and clipping continue. The current plan is to expand Tears of the Robot into a two-hour long panel; there’s a glut of material. Smoke and Mirrorshades will be one hour long. Still trying to decide what my other panels will involve. I’m leaning toward another hour-length panel plus a live-commentary of some kind, […]



I spent all day ripping video clips and collecting artwork. I’m building panels for Florida Anime Experience 2013. Currently, I’m working on a panel entitled Tears of the Robot: Anime Edition and another called Smoke and Mirrorshades: Cyberpunk in Anime. I’ll need at least two more panels to fulfill my obligations as a guest. This is […]

Accomplished Today (So Far): Three pages on the electric typewriter. Two pages on the manual. Four pages of transcription. I began a new story about a man who finds himself utterly alone and imprisoned in a well-furnished castle. It’s shaping into an allegory for the artistic process, which can be frighteningly lonely at times. I also continued […]